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Friday, March 2, 2012

Has anyone heard of Jack The Ripper?

Air Asia International (AAX) is facing serious problems on some of its international routes. And so they are cutting "unprofitable" routes. The latest being AAX axing its Christchurch run. Please read here.

"In January, AAX said it would stop flying to London, Paris, New Delhi and Mumbai. It is learnt that AAX is moving away from long-haul to medium-haul flights." 
The first question that pops up now is what is Air Asia going to do with all those hundreds of Airbuses they have just placed on order at the Paris Air Show in June last year? Just how many planes did they order? Well read here. Air Asia ordered 200 planes plus an option for 100 more. Cost : RM54 billion. Whoever the Airbus salesman, agent, middleman was, he, she, they or it made some huge commissions.
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