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Saturday, October 15, 2011

There is a simpler term for that - bribery?

Let us speak with openness. Can we expect the over RM 4 billion to be spent as handouts, one off at that, be expected to be a principal transformative element of the 2012 budget?
The ETP is of course just the marketing arm of big business using the government as a front. I have written some time ago, the ETP coordinator or convener as it really is, just called up for the business plans of the big companies in Malaysia, re-package them, given a brush over by the McKinsey boys, and hey presto- held it out as THE business Plan for Malaysia.  Somehow naming it ETP will miraculously transform Malaysia.
Its more notable for its explicit take my money and vote for me posturing. Because all the disposable incomes because they are one off events suggest that they are given for the purpose of inducing the recipients to vote for the government.
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