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Friday, February 24, 2012

Tun V.T. Sambanthan - One of our Nation’s founding fathers

There would be insufficient space to list all of Sambanthan’s  contributions to our nation, but we must remember that he was a rare politician who spent his own money for the people.   He did not even own a house when he died. Sambanthan resided and spent most of his life at his Guilamard Road government house (now Jalan Ledang, near Parliament) during his political days from 1957 to 1979. It was the house in which he lived until  his last days. Sadly, the house has been left abandoned for many years now.  How can this  happen to the home of one of our founding fathers?I propose that the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry refurbish and turn this house into a memorial.It can serve as a centre for information on Sambanthan’s  life for future generations.
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