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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The ghost and Lim Kam Hoo make their billions.

The suspicion would be at a nomimal price. Why should state inject state land into state company at full value?

Syyy ... please no mention of those minority shareholders. Otherwise, there will be public outcry of selling land at nominal value to companies not wholly owned subsidiary of state but with the existence of other shareholders.  
Then suddenly, the ghost wave his hand again and KPRJ is directed to quitely sell their shares at a price without marking the land value to market. The probable reason that can be used is KPRJ need money for it's public infrastructure program.

Since Tebrau teguh is not a public listed company, no announcement is necessary.

The land parcels can be flipped over elsewhere for a tidy profit. The ghost will make sure the public do not know. If the public got to know, it will be the politicians, civil servants and professionals that get blamed by the rakyat.
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