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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

atau ini semata – mata nak cover akaun BERSHIT 2.o?


Apakah mereka yang meminta kerajaan menunaikan 8 tuntutan Bersih mengikut undang – undang Malaysia? Mereka sendiri tidak patuhi undang – undang Malaysia tetapi meminta kerajaan mematuhi permintaan mereka. Sungguh RETORIK puak Bersih 2.0 yang dibayangi oleh Pakatan Rakyat!


RPK’s cameo performance in the NST interview although not quite as stellar a performance as that of “Bruno Pentangelli” in the crime commission scene in the Godfather Part II is still worthy of some consideration. It is turncoat behaviour. However to his credit, RPK’s admissions beat the cowardice of both Malaysia Kini and Ambiga Sreenivasan, that “Joan of Arc” of Malaysian politics admitting shamelessly in an interview to foreign funding of her Bersih campaign in addition to the receipt of unlawful Selangor government slush funding for Bersih. That interview although in archive footage has been withdrawn from youtube now. It apparently has become an embarrassment to Malaysia Kini (another foreign funded institution) in another example of its unbalanced reporting in favour of an unruly opposition unable to live with its own principles of truth, fairness and transparency. 

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