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Saturday, December 17, 2011

This is not the first time Khazanah making disastrous decisions.


Since he (Najib Razak) could be either impotent in dealing or maybe oblivious towards Azman Mokhtar’s many, many failures and shady deals, it is high time the Prime Minister takes a serious look into the affairs of his subordinates. Or at the very least, have the temerity to veer Khazanah Nasional into proper direction and whip it into shape.
Before this issue causes Barisan Nasional to lose more votes (who would want a government which do not punish non performance among its top brass and governmental institutions?), the office of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance must be seen as stringent in following its own tagline. Unless of course, the word ‘performance’ in “People First, Performance Now” connotes a different meaning altogether.
But they are not doing that. What they did was:
1) advertise in a small English Premier League club
3) letting many experienced staff go
4) allowing Tony Fernandes making a fool of MAS and Khazanah
5) abandon highly sought after routes
Whose fault is it?
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