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Monday, December 5, 2011

SHARE "SUAP" - Whilst they claim that MAS needs to reduce “unit cost”, they have been on a spending spree

"Being a loyal employee of MAS, I am compelled to write to you informing you the inner happenings in MAS. I have been here since the days of Tan Sri Aziz (our first Chairman) and I have seen Chairman’s and MD’s come and go. But this is indeed the most worrying trend in my career as MAS is headless and directionless in this turmoil. I know that the Company will come out in the open denying everything but believe me, the staff of MAS will agree to what I had said. Even some of the senior management of MAS has confided that they share the same feeling but they have to be silent about it as they are powerless to do anything."

(MAS cabin crews and others have worked so hard for MAS & yet not appreciated. But the Panamera Dead Woods are awarded with high salaries and BIG perks!)

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