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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Raping MAS to death

Tony to Azman, "Great job!"
  • ....the Wide Unbundling of Asset proposal (WAU) by Binafikir was never their's....... the WAU proposal was almost a carbon copy of a proposal given to the then Minister of Finance, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim sometimes in mid-90s  ....Unfortunately, Anwar Ibrahim was too dumb to understand the proposal....
  • The promise that the share swap between MAS and Air Asia could raise money for MAS was all bull and was to put wool on the eyes of the public.
  • This is the same mistake repeatedly made by Khazanah in their past turnaround plans of MAS. Profitable routes given away, cut capacity for potential business and growth, and now selling profitable asset.
  • if this is how the deal goes, public outcry will be loud. The public knows that MAS is being cannibalised by corrupted politicians and businessmen.
  • That is the reason behind the grand design to blame MAS losses of RM8 billion to Tajuddin Ramli. Someone else gets the blame, while Pak Lah, Khairy, Nor Yakcop, Tony F, Kalimullah and many others rape MAS to death.
  • Whoever the blame be made to, Najib must step in and stop listening to brother Nazir. Otherwise, BN could lose quite number of votes ...for sure.
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