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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Passengers have rights too

1. Would AirAsia own up to their service standards?
2. Would AirAsia own up to their efficiency and punctuality?
3. How about compensation for delayed passengers, which include  accommodation sand meal allowances throughout the delay?
4. How about compensation for lost luggages?
5. How about compensation for missed flights (with other connecting airlines, now that the low cost carrier complex (KLIA2) is linked directly to Main Terminal Building KLIA?

There is a strong rumour about Malaysia Airlines being taken private. This would be made possible if Fernandes & co. were to allowed to continue ‘pillage and plunder’ the national carrier, just like the “RM 18 million sponsorship of Queen’s Park Rangers’ home games”. There are loose talk about Malaysia Airlines to hive off the cargo and engineering services. By then, these vultures ever ready to devour on Malaysia Airlines’ carcass would have the freedom and of course justify taking the airline private.

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