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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tapi Najib dok juga julang bahasa asing cina, melebihi bahasa Kebangsaan dan bahasa ke-2 sendiri...

Even in the 90s I found the Hong Kong people very professional but now nearly all the young people speak good English (and Malay in some places). Just like in Korea and Singapore, the average young person you meet and talk to is quite well informed, they can understand you and you can understand them and they can hold a conversation. This is what we need to do in a hurry - raise the general level of competence of the average human being in our country. The general level of competence of our young people is dropping drastically. (And we want to give them a pretty high minimum wage !!)
(other than the Mat Sallehs, most of the people were Indonesian Chinese, all speaking Bahasa Indonesia)

Everywhere we went, there were thousands of Indonesians (mostly Indonesian Chinese) who were also on their "Hari Lebaran Aidil Fitri" holidays in Hong Kong. They all speak Bahasa Indonesia among themselves. Credit is due to the Indonesians who have forged an Indonesian identity by insisting that everyone speak Bahasa Indonesia. The shop guys in Causeway Bay had picked up some Bahasa. So they wished us 'Selamat Hari Raya' and told people to 'tunggu sebentar' at the Cashier counters.
I was quite surprised to see that a large majority of the people who worked and entertained the visitors at Disneyland in Hong Kong were Melayu Filipina....Of course they also speak good English.  
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