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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Any intelligent Malay/Bumi person can see that Namewee is not sincere in his efforts to unite the Malaysian community. His movie is an exercise in self-promotion, and so is his Youtube rant . He can’t even enunciate his criticism against Utusan in proper Malay. That alone is the biggest insult! He should learn to speak properly the NATIONAL LANGUAGE!
Many bigoted Chinese people like Namewee want their language and race to come out on top. But they will (mis)use another language when they want to promote their product or service. This explains Namewee’s poor use of the Malay language to rant against Utusan. He uses it to appeal to his base supporters, while insulting the Malays. It is no differnt when they mangle the English language to sell a low quality product or service to people of other races.
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