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Thursday, October 6, 2011

MAS AIrAsia Story - Khazanah sold away Malaysia Airlines to very unscrupulous businessmen.


On the contrary. Malaysia Airlines did learn from their school of hard-knocks. They decided to go for the ‘hybrid-model’ instead of ‘legacy airline’ when they set up FireFly and managed to convince Ministry of Transport to allow them to go for flexible fare model, despite Fernandes-benefited-Level-Four ‘Airline Rationalisation’ plan which was shoved down Malaysia Airlines’ throat in 2005. That was when Malaysia Airlines surrendered many prized-routes for AirAsia, which include the Sabah-Sarawak Rural Air Service which helped to build their business to what it is today.

When FireFly introduced jet service this year, they started to be a serious threat to AirAsia. The new low cost carrier is proven to be likeable and started to become very popular, especially from those who used to travel to Sabah and Sarawak on AirAsia. So part of the purpose of Fernandes making the kill in the ‘share-swap’ is to kill FireFly.

(“If they really felt QPR sponsorship is commercially good decision, why for jersey of the home stadium games? Why not away games?)
If it is, then Khazanah sold away Malaysia Airlines to very unscrupulous businessmen. Needless to remind that these were the same men who used most of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd’s 39 airports but refused to pay even though they collected the airport tax from the passengers, up front.
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