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Friday, October 7, 2011

Caution : Budgeted 18GSX Wordings

Warrior 231 @REVERT
Anwar, the filthier douchebag of the two, needs no introduction. This political bastard is renowned for almost bringing Malaysia under IMF suzerainty during his madcap headless chicken antics back in 1997-1998. A scoundrel with a zilch intellect, Anwar is the ultimate poseur, a charlatan out to break Bank Negara to satiate megalomaniac cravings.
Najib for his part does no better but he can hardly do worse.
When he should have been assiduously implementing the 1Pribumi agenda, he choose to come up with the 1Malaysia crap, a shithole idea that allows Malays and Muslims alike to be pliant maruahless victims of Chingkie racial slurs and evil jibes.
Najib the Bum like Anwar the Scum are nothing more than ho-hum and its time we put a STRONGMAN leader in Putrajaya before the carcass of this country is mangled beyond recognition by the Chingk dogs behind these clueless dumbos.  
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