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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cannot cut & paste, so here you are..two comments.. PUBLISHED IN FULL


Comment No. 1 : There are 4 levels of Malay Economy / Wealth distribution

1. The base
Consisiting of farmers,fisherman and lowly paid goverment servants.

2. The Second Level
The professionals and those with Tertiary Education but without any political cables and linage .

3. The Well Connected
The well connected Malay UMNO affliated politician who can jump fr level 1 to this level purely on political affliation with or without Tertiary Education eg Dato Abd AZEEEZZZ

4.The Peak
Professionals with political linage (CIMB) and having the best of both worlds.

1&2 form 90% of Malays whose votes put UMNO in power.

3&4 well contented and can live with or without UMNO..of course they claim that they have the welfare of 1&2 in their heart.

The current administration's focus is on level 3 & 4 and the the Chinese.

Simple math : 1+2 > 3+4+C

The 2 is getting bigger year after year with unemployed graduates. Any country with unsatisfied gp 2 who can influence gp 1 would soon unseat the goverment.

Let the Chinese be....they can look after themselves except for the poorest, go on their merit on election performance and cabinet post as per qualified.

Help 1,2, Indian and poor chinese and they can win elction.

Screen group 3 and get rid of old deadwood like Rais and NM due date of expiration

As for gp 4, skim them ...CIMB, RM, E&O, The son of Hitam.

If not a leader like Chavez would soon arise and nothing can stop him.

Dr Potong

Comment No. 2 The Cheeks these people have:

1. Nazir of CIMB
"Bastardization of Bumiputera (BOB)" when every big goverment dealings involving mergers, acquisations , contracts and large Khazanah dealings, he will be the first in line. If there is an award for BOB he must be the gold medallist....Have you had enough?

2. Kal**mulah
Enriched by his past dealings thru PM tidoq and UMNO ,he has no qualm about coming for the second helping and keeping the cake too. With Azizan, MNY and their wives,almost RM250 million of SD money will be siphoned into their piggy bank for 'duit pasar' Have you have had enough?

3. Rosmah Mansur.
Have you met Dr Siti Hasmah ? She is more qualified and knowledgeable than you but carried not any spicule of air than fit into your head or hair.Are you in any rush or competition to gather as much wealth as the gold medallist above? This 'penis envy syndrome' is non brainer but please stop this rich pickings from Petronas and other goverment agency in the name of keeping with the Jones .

Btw if you decided to vist the KemLatihan please dont dress with celorong celoreng and carry expensive handbag ,it might scare the animals as treetrunks normally doesnot move. Last but not least stop singing at functions as no one else clapping except for your husband.

4..Rais Yatim
Reminded me of the duck in movie 'Babe', animal farm story. Sebastian The Duck tried to unseat the Cockerel in order to crow and stay relevent. As you, RY cant crow and your quack still sounded like a quack, why dont you quit quacking and doing quacks quickly before your quacks twek your twekside !!

BTW Your N9 cable with RM wont carry the electricity to light up your quacks

I wonder why i am feeling so much as i was towards the last year of PL tido PM....maybe the bad air is coming back in Our political climate !!

Dr Potong
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