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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Basically, in Pakatan Rakyat, Teresa Kok says it is okay to have double standards.


Dah dia buka aurat. Dirogol. Padanlah muka dirogol. Dia jual murah-murah. Dia dok jual murah-murah. Betis dia, muka dia, peha dia. Rogol lah! Peduli apa? (She did not cover herself.  She got raped. Serves her right. She made herself cheap. She sells herself cheap. Her calves, her face, her thighs. Rape her! Who cares?)” - NIK AZIZ

(Teresa - Keeping her eyes wide against any male chauvinism)

Oh yes, Teresa Kok that we all know, who would march into Parliament, armed with a video clip of a naked Malay woman doing ear-squats in a police lock-up suddenly seemed to be very apologetic towards Nik Aziz.

Moreover, she sounded like defending Nik Aziz! Are we missing something here?
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