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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A "sense of perspective from an accurate interpretation of the facts"

Siew Lau did not know it at that time but he was already a member of Perkasa - he was fighting for Malay rights. Siew Lau wanted to take the rubber estate plantation lands and redistribute them to the Malay peasants - from whom the lands were usually appropriated in the first place.

For this flash of benevolence, FOUR PEOPLE ie Siew Lau, his wife and two others were killed by the 'Party Politburo'. A small massacre in Malacca. And who was the Head of the Party Politburo who ordered the executions? The same 'alias Chin Peng'. This was 'freedom fighter' Chin Peng and Party Politburo style. If anyone comes up with ideas that do not toe the Party line - just kill them.
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