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Monday, September 19, 2011

Now that ISA and EO are to be repealed and new laws in place, the interregnum period is the perfect opportunity for the vices to operate without the fear of being detained.

None of these activities could be traced back to persons, in cases like the alleged Vice Lord Khoo Tee Yam. They were unable to pin him for Anti Money Laundering Act. They covered their tracks very well and even their subordinates refuse to co-operate in any investigation, most likely for fear of their lives.

The Police have little choice but to invoke EO and RO against persons like these, to curb their operations.

It is not a big mystery why they would do so. The Opposition would lose out from these new laws.

DAP for one, rely a lot of their financial support from these bandits. With ISA and EO, they have played these ‘habeas corpus’ games whenever their backers are detained.

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