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Sunday, September 25, 2011

HUDUD - Not Found in Qur'an, BUT in Bible

First of all here is the status quo. The Pakatan is falling apart. They were never a serious entity to begin with. Unlike the Barisan Nasional they have no national ideology. This is their biggest handicap
So as you can see, there is quite some hudud in the Bible. You cannot find it in the Quran. So are people getting confused? 
He (Nik Aziz) is blaming a single letter from Dr Mahathir (written in 1994) for NOT implementing the hudud. Even Nik Aziz is looking for an excuse NOT to implement the hudud. Dr Mahathir retired eight years ago in 2003. But Nik Aziz says 'Dr Mahathir's letter still carried weight'. Lets remember this carefully.

What did Dr Mahathir say that carried so much weight? In his letter, among other things, Dr Mahathir said that there was no such thing as a uniform hudud law anywhere in the world. Different scholars said different things and different Islamic countries had different views about religious laws. 
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