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Friday, September 9, 2011

Has little to show and plenty to hide

We want to expose the truth so that Malaysians can decide if they want such politicians to lead the country. Are they capable, qualified and would you trust them to handle your future. Or your children’s.

I have more information about Mat Sabu and his career. Sabu is a village idiot - plain and simple, a clown. I have heard Sabu ridicule Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah in a ceramah (when Anwar was still in UMNO). Sabu claimed that he personally knew Anwar and Azizah in their early days. He said that one day he drove Wan Azizah alone somewhere in his car. He said Anwar was lucky that he (Sabu) did not molest Wan Azizah when she was alone in the car with him. This is the type of crude and boorish character that is Mat Sabu. Needless to say the appreciative crowd laughed and felt entertained. Dirty jokes and crude language go well with the PIS crowd. That is how Sabu is now the Deputy President of PIS (pa alip seen).

Now that Sabu has been elected Deputy President of the party he can pull in even bigger crowds. Ceramah organisers all over the country will be clamoring to have him speak in their kampongs and towns. Its all about money. More money will be collected, more money will be divided up.

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