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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guan Eng went to Australia to waste rakyat money and tell lies @PISAU 

The shocking fact is MPPP got no profit-sharing from RM50 million investment. This is another BN-like contract under PR government. Besides, there is no EIA study on its impact on traffic flow and environment before the contract was sealed.

This is so-called transparency, but without accountability and competency, a mockery of LGE’s CAT “Competency, Accountability, Transparency” slogan.

More shocking revelations by BN opposition about sPICE after the agreement was opened for public reading.
  • 3.1 acres land sold to developer at merely RM100 per sq ft which is much below market price of RM300 per sq ft. Potential losses are estimated at RM 27 million.

  • The developer is allowed to build 450 units max 650 sq-ft medium cost house with minimum selling price of RM 72500. The land is supplied by state government. Excepted income for developer is RM10 million

This clause is designed to protect developer, not the rakyat.

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