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Monday, August 22, 2011

What had happened to the once respected Economist editorial?


Lim Guan Eng not only is untruthful and deceitful, he also has no accountability to whatever actions he made.
(I lied three times already and you dumb people in The Economist still believe me ah? Why so dumb one?!)

1. For instance, The Economist stated that:
The combination of low cost and high technology is the main reason why industries across the state of Penang, made up of the original island and a larger bit of the mainland, are prospering again after more than a decade of decline.
But SatD presented economic figures which stated that Penang had not been in decline before Lim Guan Eng and DAP took over Penang. The decline happened AFTER they took over! You can read his facts here.

2. In his self-centred gusto, Lim Guan Eng also claimed in The Economist that:
The savings he has made by ending the “old systems of patronage” allow him to spend money on new social programmes instead, such as modest handouts for the elderly.
But SatD revealed that the savings made were not derived from efficiency nor from any anti-corruption measures. It derived from sale of lands in Penang as a matter of fact. This was exposed here, accompanied with data and figures. Worse, the operating expenses of the state were higher than the year before he took over.

3. His (Lim Guan Eng) latest enchantment is his pronouncement that all newborn babies in Penang will receive RM100 as long as the parents are Penang voters with total monthly income below RM4,000. He had set aside RM5 million to RM10 million per year for this.

SatD calculated that the recent population growth in Penang entails only approximately 17,000 babies per year. Therefore, the difference in the budget set aside would have to be a surplus to the requirement. Question was asked, why did he over-budgeted for this program? You can read about this further here.

  • ‘random’ award of contracts in Penang where Lim Guang Eng claimed that he practices meritocracy. We can read SatD’s article regarding this issue here.
  • In this article here by SatD, Lim Guan Eng tried to wash his hands from the mosque election fiasco last June.

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