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Sunday, August 7, 2011

We have to obey the Laws of the Land. But it does not mean that the people cannot express our views and opinions about anything

"All too often, those found doing dishonorable deeds deny them, then try to justify them. After that they try to shut everyone else up by saying an investigation should be completed before comments may be made" 

Pakatan's Democracy
Folks, I told you already - if the Pakatan comes to power, it will be the end of democracy in the country. They will use non democractic means (these three gag orders are an example) to stifle discussion and criticism. 

'Bersih' by Pakatan

I mean when they win the seat or even the State then the results are Bersih? If the BN wins, then it is not Bersih? If there are 60 voters or 88 voters registered to vote in one house in their Constituency then it is OK? Not 'pengundi hantu'?

'Allah & al-kitab', Pakatan's bungle
They went to town over the silly 'Allah in the Indon Bible" issue. Now the Pakatan goons have raided that church "buka puasa" in Damansara. Religion is a State matter - everyone knows that. Now the MB wants the Sultan to help him solve the issue? Huh? Why drag the Sultan's name into your bungle? You mess up, you clean it up. Dont taichi your bungles to others.

(By the way, did you know that despite the Prime Minister visiting the Pope in the Vatican, the Pope still refuses to use the word 'Allah' for his sermons? So there will be no 'Allah' heard in the Vatican, now or ever
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