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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MAS AirAsia Story - Just as it starts to soar, Firefly gets its wings clipped

Funnily enough, today the Firefly story appeared, and would you not think that this was a direct repercussion of the swap?  
"What remains a shame and a total waste, however, is the fact that something which has and continues to show promise and could have resulted in placing MAS ahead of the curve, is now being allowed to be axed, in the name of added synergies and a supposed boost to the aviation sector." - Marina Emmanuel, Business Times

"they think they win the deal and yes they are (winners) But the people lose the war. Guess who will be punished? The one who sanctioned it" - Twitter from *ZeusIsMe*

I guess, though having been told and shown that the betterment of MAS was indeed the ultimate goal of those who came to agreement, those that have been directly involved can only hope "on a wing and a prayer" that things do not go further south.

Although I have an axe to grind with MH, I have too much of it's blood in me

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