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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MAS AirAisa Story - AA is NOT taking over MAS management

Alas, the Mother of All Telco deal in the mold of the MAS-Air Asia share swap is not happening. Our host was asked last night about talk of a Maxis-Axiata (which owns Celcom) deal and he said, "Nope".
Tony Fernandes' "attack mode" against Malaysia Airports is not sanctioned by Khazanah. The Air Asia boss does not speak for MAS, either. He will have to pay every sen that he owes to MAHB, if he hasn't done that already, as that was part of the deal for the MAS-AA share swap.
The bloggers remain opposed to 2 issues regarding the MAS-AA deal:
1. Air Asia X
2. MAS Catering  
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