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Friday, February 10, 2012

In the meantime I think Dato Liow the Minister will be heading to the nearest private hospital for his own medical treatment


So they would ask the Gomen to "outsource" some of the students from the Government universities and colleges (IPTA) to their IPTS. Of course these are scholarship and loan students whose fees were all taken care of. This was 'buta money' again. The same IPTS which could not attract enough paying students because of their poor quality was now getting Goverment scholarship students with fees fully paid. So they never improved much on the quality of education they offered. Its the curse of easy money again - it really kills their initiative.

Rosak lah negara kita. I believe this type of scam is going on now with some (not all) of the private nursing colleges. It now involves more people. Only this time around, they are taking advantage of the PTPTN loan scheme.
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