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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dua Tahun Delapan Bulan Pak!


Wonder who is the PKR Leader who advised him to "Change" or 'Berubah Dulu"

Good luck with your meeting ya!! Cool hairdo dude....should try to grow an Afro!!

BTW Folks would you vote for a party that funds the illegal activity of its party members in another country?

And what is this THREATS BY MALAYSIA LEADERS?? ....macam la lu penting sangat dhows

Details about his identity is sketchy, I will not bother to google any further....Syed Jaymal of Free Malaysia today must have korek from somewhere to be able to say this in his piece
"The Batam immigration claimed investigation had indicated that the alleged PKR member came from an address similar to Hilmi Malik’s, the ex-boyfriend of Selangor PKR executive counsellor Elizabeth Wong." here


Nampaknya memang betul la Azmin letak dia kat Indon untuk buat kerja-kerja jahat bagi merosakkan hubungan dua negera jiran ni.

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