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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Undue influence on the judge’s decision?

Ini adalah suatu berita yang baik bagi penjenayah-penjenayah seksual di negara ini dan berita buruk bagi mangsa-mangsa jenayah seksual, polis, pendakwa-pendakwa di mahkamah kerana penjenayah-penjenayah seksual boleh menjadikan penghakiman Liwat II ini sebagai "precedence". Mangsa/polis/pendakwa kini perlu membuktikan 100% jenayah seksual dilakukan oleh tertuduh, yakni "beyond ANY doubt", bukan lagi "beyond REASONABLE doubt".

The acquittal was a surprise to the Gerakan Bebaskan Anwar 901 that they may have forgotten of the three bombs set to explode when the crowd is supposed to be in the midst of frenzy protesting to an expected guilty judgement. 

Until a written judgment is available to understand the judge’s rationale, the big puzzle on members of the public that ABTW had access to within the last 24 hours is why would the judge raised the issue of DNA evidence in his judgement, after he had called Anwar for defence
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