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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Malaysian authorities especially the immigration has failed to do their job properly.

I think we can easily gauge the genuineness of Mr. Kennedy's comments. I am particularly concerned when he says :

"6. I want to say that the Malaysian embassy in Nigeria is as well corrupt and the ambassador there or whosoever that is in-charge of issuing of visa needs to be changed, because Malaysian visa is like going to seven eleven to buy cigarette, instead of the normal price of 1,000 Naira you need to pay 10 or 20,000 Naira, as long as you can afford that you have a visa to Malaysia without a proper interview,it doesn't matter what you are going to do in Malaysia."

 So, I suggest that to get rid of the bad Nigerians, deal with them accordingly and send them back to Nigeria, there is a need for Malaysians to get few Nigerians involved because majority of us knows those bad ones,but a times there is nothing we can do than to just avoid them.
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