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Friday, January 20, 2012


Matthias Chang

The former Head of the Praetorian Guards was “sacrificed” to enable the old King to checkmate the second King, his grandson and their cronies. The second King and his grandson was so fearful for their own survival, and the adviser equally fearful that he would be left hanging high and dry, agreed to the proposal to ask for forgiveness from the old King. The bait was the former Head of the Praetorian Guards’ plea of guilty without custodial sentence which is meaningless as he now holds in his hand the confession by the adviser of the crimes committed by the second King, his grandson and the adviser!

Matthias Chang

I fought and defended Tun Mahathir Mohamad to the very end because I was his political secretary. All his other former political secretaries and “loyalists” (they know who I am referring to) did not have the political will to come forward to do their duty. They took the easy path. Some even betrayed their former boss. Others straddled both camps – i.e. Mahathir and Badawi camps. Oh, of course they could not afford to jeopardise their cushy jobs. They must also “jaga perut” and their reputations. They are Datuks etc.,  members of high society and VIPs!

They are still kissing Tun’s hand when greeting him. Such hypocrisy! Bloody cowards! It is not Malay culture. In fact, it is contrary to all cultures. It must be the political culture from which they have been exposed to.

To discharge one’s responsibilities beyond the call of duty is sadly absent within the rank and file of the BN political army. This is because, the spirit of self-sacrifice is sorely lacking in the ranks of the entire leadership.

Matthias Chang

It is as simple as ABC 

The Man Who Bought Washington - Jack Abramoff: "Congress Corrupt To Core" - RT (19/1/12) 
Matthias Chang

Why does the political leadership in Malaysia still look up to America when it is corrupt to the core?

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