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Monday, December 5, 2011

‘fiduciary duty as a director’ - The masters must be whipped too, for failure to leash their mad dogs.

It basically means that a company director must act in the best capacity and utmost interest of the company of the board he sits on and enjoying all the perks
(The 'master' and the rude and dangerous canine)
However, that is not so true with regards companies under Khazanah Holdings Bhd.’s portfolio.

This director of Malaysia Airlines Tony Fernandes has gone far too much. Since Malaysia Airlines is a Khazanah Holdings Bhd subsidiary and will fully agreed for the ‘share swap deal’ on 9 August even though then it did not bring any clear benefit for the national carrier, what more at the ridiculous price it was inked for the ‘baseball card trading’. Quickly, he sucked Malaysia Airlines a cool RM 18 million to pay for the sponsorship of all games at the home stadium of Loftus Park, which the acquisition of Queen’s Park Rangers was his private venture.
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