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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bas Mini Wilayah - Fu*k it Tony??

Apa yang beliau maksudkan dengan "F*it!"? Apakah beliau maksudkan "Fuck It!". Apakah Malaysia sebagai negara perlancongan membenarkan pekerja-pekerja barisan hadapan negara memakai lencana lucah untuk dipamirkan kepada pelancong-pelancong yang datang ke Malaysia.


Yes, he has managed Air Asia well, and now he sits in MAS board of director (but yet to see the impact how good he will get MAS flying above loss making line). And now, he is attacking MAHB, perhaps because he failed to have his own airport and he cannot take over air traffic control from Department of Civil Aviation. However, if he can get airport under his belt, very much I can predict he can meddle with DCA’s business.
Rumours already flying around that Air Asia airlines is the most difficult to handle in regards to airports and air traffic control. This may sound offensive, but to some, Air Asia pilots are also known as Bas Mini Wilayah’s driver. They are land, dock and take off as at when they can. They will push the airport and air traffic controller to “prioritize” them whenever they are in business.
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