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Thursday, November 3, 2011

When politics comes in, semua jadi gila !

Some of the monkeys only believe in the Rule of Law when the Law favours them. When it does not favour them, they reject the Rule of Law. Or they try to thwart it. That one clown tried three times to recuse the judge based on the flimsiest of excuses.
Even our University Professors are still politically immature and childish. It is best that they focus all their energies just on teaching the students and doing their research work. If you allow the lecturers, professors and students to bring politics onto the campus then they wont do anything else except get involved in politics. Before you know it, there will be political violence on our university campuses.
In Bangladesh, university students who belong to different political parties shoot and kill each other. You think our people are cleverer or better than the Bangladeshis to not let this happen? Please wake up.
And who will this affect the most? The Chinese students and Chinese professors? No way. The Chinese students will go about their business quietly, studying hard, getting their First Class Honours Degrees and such. I dont think they will get involved in politics on campus. Neither will Chinese lecturers and professors get involved in politics either. They will be busy conducting their research, writing their papers and books, and moving up the ladder in life. If they cant get promoted fast enough, they will switch to the private universities or migrate to Singapore, Australia etc. Thats the Chinese folks for you - always doing the right thing to keep moving forward.
The Indians will be ok too, some of them will go around wearing saris on campus - to prove to themselves that they are Indian. But most Indians who get into university graduate and make good in life.
It is the Malays who will occupy Pole Position in the dunggu salam political sweepstakes on campus. Even with the UUCA (or AUKU), the campuses are already so politicised. The pro-PAS students on one side and the pro-BN students on the other side. You also have the dakwah dunggus (who are usually pro-PAS) messing with the student's brains. 
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