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Friday, November 18, 2011

So Guan Beng what have you done for the People of Penang?

Koh Tsu Koon : Strictly speaking, negotiating with the FG in the interest of the Penang people should be the duty of the present CM, as I have done so during my 18 years as the CM. However, rather than presenting convincing viable alternatives to the FG based on facts and figures, the present CM chose the easy way out, by politicizing and dramatizing this issue, calling for toll abolition and attacking the FG and the BN, just as he has been doing on other issues. Of course, I am willing do what I can to help the people of Penang, especially since the present CM seems not to be prepared to face and handle this issue in a professional manner. In fact, I have actually found a workable solution which will not put a heavy burden on bridge users. Based on my proposed concept to the PM, the Works Minister (Shaziman) is now working on a new formula involving both bridges. Source here  
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