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Friday, November 11, 2011

MRT now well south of RM34 billion?

Azhar has been appointed the CEO of the MRT project - the 51.5 kilometre Mass Rapid Transit system that is being built from Sungei Buloh to Kajang. This is the biggest single project to be undertaken in this country since the Malacca Sultanate. And it will likely remain the biggest for some time yet.

How much will it cost for this 51.5 km line from Sg Buloh to Kajang? RM60 billion? RM34 billion? Nope. Dato Azhar says it will be well south of even RM34.0 billion. (Dato this is the first "Insya Allah" that I mentioned. Please keep it well within budget. People are watching these figures.) 
With the right man incharge, we now hear more right figure quoted. Last year it was report from RM36 billion right up to RM50 billion... and now well south of RM34 billion being quoted... READ HERE  
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