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Monday, November 14, 2011

MAS AirAsia Story - "Greedy Ular", the reincarnation of Caligula


How and why Fernandes is allowed to compete against his own holdings Malaysia Airlines is a mystery. When the ‘share swap’ deal was announced in August, they justification was Fernandes is a champion of low cost carrier and he is supposed to use his experience and ‘excellent marketing strategy’ to bring up Malaysia Airlines. Now, he is competing against Malaysia Airlines in the premium and full service airline jet service.

Of course consumers would prefer Caterham Jet over Malaysia Airlines or FireFly. It is jet service and operating much closer to Klang Valley.

That is not as mysterious how and why Ministry of Transport changed its ‘All turbo props’ policy for Lapangan Terbang Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah. Previously, only turbo props commuter airlines in the likes of FireFly and Berjaya Air are allowed to operate from the airport. This ‘Flip-Flop’ing must be detrimental for the Malaysian Government.

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