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Friday, November 11, 2011

Insiders please line up to kiss butt. Outsiders - sorry.

  • Remember the 4th Floor folks and their "networks" under the Slumberjack regime? Well those folks have not all disappeared. They have merely "gone to ground", being reincarnated here and there.  
    "10/11: Part of the RM81mil loan N******l F**dlot C**p gave to a sister company was used to buy RM9.8mil luxury condo, claims PKR./MKINI"
    Allegations and counter allegations. "The Auditor General of Malaysia has already reported that the project is in a mess." (Folks, ini AG cakap, bukan saya cakap, jangan marah saya ok).
    But folks - thats it !! I have solved the problem why the lembu project failed. 
    Even the original nawaitu or intention is tak betul. : "Only local produce will be sold in pasar tani or farmer’s markets by 2015 to help cushion the impact of the rising costs of living."

    Next : The MRT Project
    So far the Government has had to flip flop so many times already because the Ministers made silly and unthinking decisions. Examples :

    i. the fuel subsidy fiasco
    ii. the plastic fishboxes fiasco
    iii. the Hire Purchase Act fiasco
    iv. the registration of illegal workers mess.
    Feel free to add to this list.
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