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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Hardcore "VernacuBengs"


And now to the hardcore VernacuBengs Shuzheng & Helen Ang and chicken MCA....., the "Lu olang manyak jahat mau kasi hapus gua punye culture"
Malaysia today would be a very different country if there had been no DAP in the past 28 years
I had expected the MCA Deputy Education Minister Dr. Long. Chan Onn who was in the House when I spoke, to reply on behalf of the MCA and the government on their stand on the National Charter for Mother-Tongue Education. Instead Long Chan Onn chickened out’, and it was the other Deputy Education Minister Dr. Michael Toyad who answered. The MCA leadership should stop running sway from taking a stand on the National Charter on Mother Tongue Education. 
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