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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Silent Apartheid


The stain of original sin in being a Malay is not one that can be removed by baptisms, street marches, absolution through political or cultural exorcism. It is a sin that dates back to antiquity in the eyes of the Chinese and Indians of Malaysia so deeply rooted in their psyche, so much a part of their vocabulary and their consciousness it embarrasses commonsense and defiles logic. It is a silent form of Apartheid practiced by Malaysia’s Chinese and its Indian citizens who struggle to be subtle about their discrimination of Malays even though they claim otherwise.
The vice of Anwar’s political ambitions lie in that bitter and toxic relationship, Anwar cultivated in a hurry to muster the much needed numbers to make his political dream of government a reality. It was a plan doomed to failure from the start. The mainly Chinese and Indian Malaysian dream of a meritocracy or a BN free Malaysia dominated by the Pakatan has no place for the Malays above or alongside them.
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