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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Politicians come and go, but the Laws will be there and the rakyat will bear the burden of any mistake long after the politicians has gone.

Just My Thoughts @KEMPEN SSS
So despite the kudos dan pujian tinggi melangit that PM Najib has been receiving from minority pressure groups normally instigated by the Pakatan politicians who uses any issue to hammer the BN, there are the majority rakyat who are law abiding citizens who don’t give two hoots about people who are detained under the ISA as long as our streets are safe, the majority will only be happy if the ISA is abolished and replaced by laws that are better than the ISA. 
I have this suggestion for PM Najib, want to be known as a Leader one who has balls? a REAL reformer? A REAL transformer? how about this: Announce the reinstatement of the PPSMI as soon as possible and I am sure the votes will come in droves from grateful Parents and Students who cut across parties, race and religion.
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