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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PANDU TERAJU NEGARA - Najib dan punahSihat-punahSihat serta conSultan-conSultannya

We need real thinkers and business savvy people in the Cabinet. Otherwise Ministers will just say the darndest things. Statements like these make the Government appear to be in a blur about what is going on in the real world. And then when reality hits the fan, the Government will be backpedalling trying to explain 'what really happened'.  
Alamak ! Now is not the time for industrial unrest as well. Many people are just not happy with the MAS - Air Asia share swap. Many people are not happy with the Sime - E&O acquisition either. Since GLCs are involved, the people detect that someone is ripping off taxpayers funds. I think the Sime - E&O deal stinks big time. The MAS - Air Asia deal, if done with honesty and commitment will be beneficial to the entire nation, to MAS and Air Asia. But as it is, the MAS T shirts will only be worn at home games. And MAS has to pay Tony RM18.0 million for that. that the best deal?
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