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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not all middle income earners and professionals are shameless people


There is nothing wrong for asking the government goodies to alleviate their lifestyle. But when the complaints for not getting any money or incentives came from a section of middle income earners who in the past had chastised the NEP and the government for its ‘crutches’ mentality, then the real characteristic of these people is exposed. In the past, they were ashamed of the NEP. Today, they cry because the government is not putting some money in their pockets.

(The most vocal class are often heard to be neglected)
This article is written merely to help us remember that there are other needy people out there than to think about our own pockets. At least, we are in the middle income group. It is really but a small twist of fate that we didn’t end up jobless, homeless or destitute.
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