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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kuasa Jahat Dunia Di Belakang Pengkhianat Negara

Amerika, Yahudi Amerika, Israel, NATO atau siapa sahaja musuh Islam tidak akan menggunakan 'orang putih' yang berhidung mancung ataupun 'English Men', tetapi mereka jelas mempergunakan rakyat tempatan, dengan menyalurkan dana dan sokongan yang hebat.

Di Malaysia, kemelut Profesor Aziz Bari memanglah bersifat akademik, masalah akademik, namun di luar kotak pemikiran kita, kenapakah kita tidak berfikir siapa di belakang Aziz Bari? Siapa bayar dia? Siapa bayar buku dia? Kenapa dia mendapat honororium yang tidak selayaknya? Siapakah IKD? Siapakah IKDAS? Siapa IDEAS? Perhatikan buku-buku yang anda baca yang berTemakan LIBERALISASI, PLURALISASI, KESAMARATAAN, MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA, KOMUNISME, SOSIALIS dan seumpamanya. Siapakah dalang di sebalik penerbitan buku-buku itu?
"And indeed it is true, Anwar’s proxy street movement, Bersih and now “Bersih 2.0” has received training, support, and funds from the NED-funded National Democratic Institute. In an attempt to cover up NDI’s overt ties to this now exposed organization, the NDI website openly admitting to funding Bersih has been altered where no mention of it’s name can be found.  " - Tony Cartalucci

Paul Joseph Watson @OUTSYED THE BOX 

Western powers have learned this lesson the hard way – allowing alleged war criminals to stand trial and voice their grievances routinely implicates parties that would much prefer such information be kept out of the spotlight.

During his court case, Hussein presented a 5,000 word treatise chastising the Bush administration for concocting lies about WMD and links with Al-Qaeda to launch the invasion of Iraq.

In the case of Milosevic, his outbursts became so damaging that the UN decided it would be better to poison him to death rather than let him continue to expose the fact that western war crimes dwarfed anything he was accused of.

Similarly, had Muammar Gaddafi been given the opportunity to defend himself in front of an international tribunal, his testimony would have been devastating on everything from the staged Lockerbie false flag attack, the US and NATO slaughtering his children, to his secret deals with former heads of state like Tony Blair, to his more recent meeting with President Barack Obama.

Now that Gaddafi is dead, Libya will fall victim to political extremists and face the same fate as Egypt, which since the US-backed “Arab Spring” at the start of the year which displaced Mubarak, has turned into an even worse tyranny overseen by a military dictatorship.

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