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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Great PPSMI Mistake

OutSyed The Box @KEMPEN SSS
“We found that during the implementation of PPSMI only 4% of Mathematics and Science teachers used 90% or more of English in the teaching and learning of the two subjects. A majority of them used a mixture of Bahasa Malaysia and English. More often than not, the teachers had to switch to Bahasa Malaysia in their teaching because students could not understand their lessons in English.”
So just because the teachers are poorly trained in English skills, we have to change our education system and sacrifice the future of our children? Shouldnt it be the other way around – why dont we train the teachers to make sure that they are English proficient? Instead of we sacrificing our childrens’ future, tell the teachers to make some sacrifices with their time, become English profficient asap and then teach the kids. Susah sikit, nak gostan terus ke?
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