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Friday, October 28, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim as the then Finance Minister drilled down bitter IMF medicine which Tun Dr Mahathir recognised as Cyanide instead of Penicilin.

Compounding the concerns was the government’s expansionary budget for 1998. Unveiled on October 17 1997 by Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the budget further disappointed the markets as it failed to signal fiscal austerity. As Gomez and Jomo aptly noted “the mid-October 1997 budget announcement for 1998 was seen by foreign financial interests as further evidence of official denial of the gravity of the crisis and its causes…. Notes by Shalendra D.Sharma on Malaysian Capital Control during the 97 financial crisis.
Does that ring the bell?  
My point? How is it that politicians can quickly forget about how what they use to fight for? Don’t take my word for it, but do look up the 1997 budget announcement and then tell me what Anwar is saying now, and then look me straight in the eye and say, this is the man you want to see as the head of state.
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