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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why not tweak the ISA to cover necessary adaptation and contextualizing? Incidentally Singapore is maintaining it, but has long modified it to smoothen some of its alleged ‘draconian’ aspects

The PM’s speech is heavily laden with liberal rhetoric, as many of his speeches.

One notable feature of the speech to me seems to be the lack of personal conviction, or even party conviction in the speech and its ‘vision’ of Transformation and Change. The speaker adopts the voice of the compromising or accommodating personality. It is in the voice ‘this is what the people want’, ‘this what the nation wants’ and the like. The speaker speaks of ‘risks’ he is willing or necessary to take for ‘survival’ . The speaker touches on the question of ‘trust’ in people as motivating his accommodating them? There is little to indicate the speakers position or conviction on the issue of freedom, liberty, change. The speakers puts the burden on the people or citizens to rise up to the occasion in uniting and forging a nation.
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