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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why grant Malaya independence in 1957?


In Malaya in 1948, the British knew full well the communist terrorists were going to launch an attack. Yet they took no preemptive action. The British Special Branch had a list of about 200 communist leaders they wanted to arrest, including Chin Peng. That would have nipped the Emergency even before it began but the British colonials put a stop to the arrests. (I just read another book called 'Malayan Spy Master' about the Japanese occupation and the Malayan Emergency by the late Boris Hembry). So Malaya's Independence was postponed for another nine years from 1948 to 1957. It was contrived to happen that way.

Why? Because in 1948, just after the Second World War, Britain was almost bankrupt. Even until 1950, war debris was still lying around in parts of Britian. They needed the revenues from colonial Malaya to revive their economy.

So why grant Malaya independence in 1957? The opposite reason - after the Korean War (1954), tin and rubber prices had crashed. Britain had to pump British taxpayers' money back into Malaya to administer the country. General Templer had to ask London for money on a month to month basis just to pay the salaries of British colonial service officers in Malaya. Thats when the Brits decided to hand the country back to the natives. Its always about money.

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Part 2 : The Star Wars Bar Scene

Seeing the slack in the power equation since 2008, aliens and strange creatures have emerged from the cracks, spewing very strange ideas and trying to take advantage of the confusion to achieve God knows what. They themselves do not seem to know what to do, they do not know any good solutions and they have no idea how to move the country forward. They make simplistic comments and childish statements and think all the countries problems will be solved magically. Maybe they have been watching too much Star Wars.

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