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Saturday, September 17, 2011

We believe that DS Najib and his 'beLOVED' cousin the KDN Minister know on how to DEAL with this DAP's DOG since they agreed to abolish the ISA, aren't they?


We BELIEVE that the Thais, the Koreans, the Japanese and even the Indonesian are far SMARTER than us because they will NEVER giving a CITIZENSHIP for this kind of 'IMPORTED' PARIAH from INDIA and their descendants long TIME ago.. That is why those NATIONs are able to maintain their level of PATRIOTISM among their citizens.. Do you THINK this kind of PARIAH will speak like this in other countries except MALAYSIA? 

NOW it is CLEAR that DS Najib is repeating his predecessor MISTAKEs.. I believe many still remember on HOW the 5th PM have given WAYs for this kind of PARIAH to perform the HINDRAF.. Today, DS Najib seems like giving them a MORAL support by abolishing the ISA, isn't it? Is this the WAY how we celebrating our NATIONAL DAY and MALAYSIA DAY? Again we LET our READERs to seek their own answers..
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