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Friday, September 16, 2011

Something is dreadfully wrong here


Imagine this possible scenario: it wasn’t Aminul and his friend but two people with eight convictions that include for violent crime. And they had just robbed a family, plus raped a woman inside, and were on their way for more of the same. This time, the police only gave chase and didn’t shoot because they weren’t 100% sure. The cretins got away. And committed another crime in another part of the city a couple of hours later.

Only later do the police know about the deeds committed… and so do the media. Guess what the public would scream: “The police had guns… the car didn’t stop – WHY DIDN’T THEY SHOOT when there was just cause to do so?!…violent creatures were allowed to escape, and commit another crime! We can’t hope for the police to protect us, useless oafs!”

The Aminul case is tragic, but if we are keen to place the blame on someone, let’s be fair and not look at the police only.
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