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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mr "14 Kerat Reformer"14 wants to make us the BEST DEMOCRACY IN THE WORLD...


Malaysia Boleh!! Hip hip horray!

What step forward in EDUCATION have your GOVERMENT DONE SO FAR?

Is it about the blatant disregard of our constitution by continuously pumping significant funds into SEKOLAH HARAMS(go here)?

Or is it the flip flopping PPSMI?

Or is it the backdoor funding of UEC graduates? Why not MOE money Jib.....apa lu takut kasi la duit kerajaan ke...

Or what about the Massive Mismatch in Supply and Demand in the Labour Market due to total complete absence of planning between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resource leading to high unemployment rates among our recent graduates.....

Let's not go into Economics....

Nanti lu ternganga lalat masuk dalam mulut.....kalau gua start to dissect your flaky alphabet soups policies....
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