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Monday, September 12, 2011

MAS AirAsia Story - These bastards at the top seem to have an insatiable lust when it comes to greed.

The conclusion is : The country’s economy is in unsafe hands. A few private individuals will make mountains of money whereas the problems of MAS will escalate.
Khazanah forces MAS to lose its manhood by parting away with a substantial portion of its equity in return for a lower number of shares but which are more valuable in Air Asia. Before the deal, the shares of Air Asia were traded on the high side, but after the deal was announced, the shares of Air Asia plummeted. It would almost appear that before the deal, the shares of Air Asia were artificially pushed up to allow its owners to part away with a smaller portion of their shares.

Maybe, it would have been better to wait for the shares of Air Asia to go lower and swap shares. In that way, Kahzanah would have acquired a bigger portion of Air Asia and through that action, improved our national pride. 
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